Baby Sleep Update

Little Man's birthday is just two short weeks away and we have made it through the first year, sanity intact.  We've had our ups and downs with sleep over the past year but I believe we've finally settled on a routine that works (for now).  Today I want to take some time to share our [...]


Why I Love Cloth (Diapers, That Is)

Eco-friendly, budget friendly, and cute. What's not to love?

A Letter to My Son

Six months ago you came screaming into this world and were placed on my chest.  My life began with your first breath. "Hi baby." Your eyes met mine.  I touched your face, marveled at ten perfect fingers and ten tiny toes.  I had prayed for you, waited for you, and finally you were here.  In [...]

Take Two: Our Continued Battle With Infant Reflux and Milk Protein Allergy

Back in June I wrote my first ever blog post, shortly after my son was diagnosed with GERD.  At that time he had been on Ranitidine for two days, as well as Enfamil AR, and I was confident that we had conquered our reflux demons.  So confident, in fact, I wrote a blog about it.  Oh, [...]

10 Ways Motherhood Has Changed Me

When I was pregnant I spent hours daydreaming about what my life as a mother would look like. As a first-time mom, I saw the world through rose-colored lenses. I imagined myself being well-rested and put together, suckling a sleepy infant with my perfectly styled hair and outfit. My house will be clean and orderly, [...]

Leaving Maternity: Back to Work and the Fears of a New Mom

September is just around the corner, and with it looms back-to-school and the end of my maternity leave.  I've had all summer to prepare for this moment, to gather my emotions and get myself together, yet the panic sets in a little more each day.  How can I possibly leave him?  Unfortunately, staying home is [...]

Infant Reflux: Our Experience with GERD

Every baby spits up; this is an undeniable and messy truth.  Reflux, or GER, is a normal condition associated with infancy and is caused by an underdeveloped esophageal sphincter (the valve that holds food in baby's tummy).  Most babies are "happy spitters," they spit up without any pain or discomfort and continue going about their [...]