A Letter to My Son

Six months ago you came screaming into this world and were placed on my chest.  My life began with your first breath.

“Hi baby.” Your eyes met mine.  I touched your face, marveled at ten perfect fingers and ten tiny toes.  I had prayed for you, waited for you, and finally you were here.  In that moment my life was changed forever.

Being your mom is everything that I wanted and nothing that I expected.  I knew that there would be sleepless nights, that we would have to budget for daycare.  I didn’t know how much I would worry, especially that first night!  Your dad and I hardly slept; we were too busy watching to make sure you were still breathing.  Another thing I was unprepared for was the strength of my love for you.  It is like nothing I have ever felt before, this love between mother and child.  It is deeper than any ocean, bigger than the largest mountain, all encompassing and all consuming.

A lot has changed since your birthday, my sweet boy.  Gone is the sleepy newborn, content to snuggle for hours on my chest.  Now you are a smart, inquisitive little boy.  You are so curious; everything about this world excites you.  Your dogs, the feeling of Daddy’s whiskers under your fingers, the taste of sweet bananas on your tongue…  There is nothing I love more than seeing you take joy in all that is around you.  I see life through fresh eyes, your eyes, and it is beautiful.

Happy half-birthday, Alec.  Six short months, and yet I cannot remember my life without you.  I look forward to the future and all of the firsts yet to come.  Your first Thanksgiving and Christmas, your first word, first steps.  I take joy in watching you change and grow.

I love you.  Today.  Tomorrow. Always.

Xo Mommy

6 pounds 2 ounces of pure joy.
How can so much personality fit in such a tiny package?
The light of Daddy’s life.

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