Sunday Musings 

I write this while cuddled up on the couch, my little one sleeping beside me in his swing. We are camped out for the night, A with his paci, and me with a fuzzy blanket and pillow. We haven’t spent nights like this in a while, not since A was a newborn.

Now before you freak out on me about the risks of swing sleeping, this is NOT our regular routine. A sleeps in a pack and play in our room. He’s currently dealing with his first ear infection, however, and the elevated swing keeps him comfortable and able to sleep. Sleep for baby equals sleep for mama.

It has been a LONG weekend. Lots of tears. Little sleep. And yet, I’m grateful. Time spent with A, even when he is sick and cranky, fills my tank for the week ahead. He brings me so much joy.

A during one of his happier moments this weekend.

The weekend wasn’t a complete bust. I made some yummy chicken noodle soup and baked cookies (which my husband and I have already demolished), cleaned and worked a little on my minimalism checklist. My house is neater than it has been in months.

Tomorrow is Halloween, the last day of October. The leaves on the trees continue to fall. Soon they will be bare. I’ll have a 6 month old on my hands in just over a week’s time.

As fast as these first 6 months have been, I know the next will absolutely fly, especially with the holidays around the corner. I’m trying to take time to relax, to be really present with my family.

Another relationship I’m trying to be present in is my relationship with God. I’ve started a new Bible study on prayer, and am working on conversing with Him more. Prayer brings a calm to my heart, leaving me to wonder how I ever drifted away from it in the first place.

I hope you had a happy weekend, and a wonderful Sunday .

Xo Kate


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