Journey to Minimalism

I have a confession to make: I. Love. Stuff. At least I used to. I loved clothes, and makeup, and jewelry; decorative pillows and pretty throw blankets. I collected picture frames, and kitchen towels, and… the list could go on.

Lately, however, my love affair with “stuff” has fizzled. I find that I no longer get excited looking at the things I have surrounded myself with. In fact, I get a little (OK, a lot) overwhelmed. Clutter stresses me out and I have started feeling a bit claustrophobic in my own home. Picking out an outfit seems a monumental task, and I find myself gravitating toward the same basics day after day. I have an entire kitchen cupboard filled with small appliances I  never use. Couldn’t that space be put to a better purpose?

As a wife, professional, and new mom, I am constantly struggling to find balance. I can’t help but think I would struggle less if I cleared out the physical belongings I am no longer attached to. Getting rid of the clutter would allow me to stop stressing and be fully present with my family.

Enter minimalism. Over the next few months I will be challenging myself to clear out the “stuff;” to get rid of physical possesions that I don’t need or use, and keep only things that make me happy or have purpose in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to be getting rid of everything. I still like pretty home decor, and there are a lot of things that make life with a baby easier (swing, anyone?). I don’t think I will ever be able to consider myself a minimalist in the true sense of the word. What I can do,  however, is be more thoughtful about the things I purchase, more intentional about the items I fill my home with.

To get me started on this journey, I’ve decided on ten small areas to clean out over the next week. I’ll be focusing on 2 to 3 areas each night, and this blog is for my own accountability. I’m hoping that by writing a plan I’ll stick to it. Without further ado, here are the ten areas I plan to declutter.

  1. Kitchen towels and linens
  2. Sheets and bedding
  3. Coffee mugs and other dishware 
  4. The “junk” drawer
  5. Makeup and nail polish
  6. Lotions and other “smell goods”
  7. Medicine
  8. Books
  9. Candles 
  10. Shoes

Doesn’t seem too impossible, eh? I’ll report on my progress in one week, then share what areas I’ll be tackling next.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at home, I’d like to invite you to take this journey with me. We can celebrate our progress together, and provide encouragement when the going gets tough. If you’ve already adopted some minimalist practices, please share your journey in the comments below. 

Until next time,

Xo Kate 


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