A Hunter’s Wife

Fall is upon us, and that means hunting season is around the corner. Next weekend marks the opening of duck season, my husband’s absolute favorite. Shortly after, in the middle of November, deer season opens as well. Most of his weekends from now until January will be spent in a tree stand or swamp. 

What does all of that mean to me? It means that A and I will be spending quiet mornings and evenings at home, and paying extra visits to all of his grandparents. The phrase “hunter’s widow” brings a laugh and an eye roll, and, sometimes, annoyance and irritability on my part. 

I never paid much mind to hunting seasons before meeting my husband. My dad would go out occasionally when I was a kid, but it was never something he was passionate about. Hunting was a whim that came and went. Now, it sometimes feels as if life revolves around the different seasons. Not only is my husband an avid hunter, most of his family and friends are hunters, too. Our wedding in May took place during turkey season, as did our son’s birth (thank goodness turkey hunting isn’t my husband’s favorite!). Vacation time is used in the field or canoe, and sometimes for hunts out of state. 

If I’m completely honest, I don’t understand my husband’s desire to hunt or the time he spends doing it. Sometimes I get angry when we can’t make plans, especially now that A is in our life. I have whined and argued with him, trying to get him to stay home to no avail. I’m learning, however, that it is something I have to accept. My husband is a hunter. It is one of the few things in life he is truly passionate about. I can’t change him, nor would I want to.

There  is an upside to this whole hunting business. I am a huge jerky fan, and my husband makes the best. Our freezer is always full, something a lot of families can’t say. And, just like hunting is alone time for him, it is also alone time for me. Time for me to read and reflect, catch up on YouTube and Pinterest, practice my photography, and visit with family. It also gives me one-on-one time with my favorite little man. 

Is hunting part of your life? What hobbies does your spouse have that you have adjusted to? Comment below, I’d love to chat!

Xo Kate

P.S. Doesn’t my hubby look fierce in his gear?


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